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Who is most at risk?

Macular degeneration is the leading cause of vision loss in Americans aged 60 or older. It destroys the central vision that allows you to see fine details. If you notice a blind or blurred spot in the center of your field of vision, get examined by Dr. Riley Austin at Northport Vision Center LLC located in Northport, AL to rule out serious eye disease.

The biggest risk factor for macular degeneration is age. Your risk increases as you age, and it is most likely to occur in people aged 55 years and older. A family history of the disease is another risk factor, and smoking doubles your risk.

Warning signs!

Often the first symptom is blurred vision. As fewer cells in the macula are functioning, people will see details less clearly. Often the blurriness will clear up in brighter light.


One type of macular degeneration causes straight lines to appear wavy. Larger areas of gray or black in the center of the field of vision may happen with progression of the disease.

Can it be prevented?

Lifestyle can play a vital role in reducing your risk of developing macular degeneration.

Yearly exams

and early detection

are the best defenses

against eye disease.

• Don't smoke

• Eat vegetables (dark leafy ones)

• Take multi-vitamins

• Eat fish or take fish oil supplements

• Exercise and maintain a healthy weight

• Protect your eyes from UV light with


• Get regular eye exams